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We Look Forward To Helping You Make Life Sound Better!

As your hearing fades, you strain to hear the details of life that you took for granted not so long ago, and you feel more and more isolated. The effort isn’t  just mental, it’s  physical. You lose strength, stamina and self-esteem.

Those who seek better hearing report engaging in more social activity, having more energy and experiencing less frustration. According to research, better hearing can also improve cognition by exercising the brain, which reduces the risk of dementia. 

A visit to Dr. Woods is easy, informative, and will give you  more insight into your own needs. It is reassuring to learn the facts and meet an expert that can help. By the end of the visit you’ll wonder why you waited so long.


- Dan, a patient, 2021

"I was a bit anxious at first, and I didn't expect things to work out so well, but Dr. Woods really came through."


- John, a patient, 2021

"It was life changing, really life changing. I could finally hear."


- Margie, a patient, 2022

"I am so grateful that I've opened my world. Hearing aids will open a world you've long lost."

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