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About Us

Dr. Jessica Woods, Audiologist


“I grew up here in New England and was raised by my grandmother. When she started to experience hearing loss, it changed her outgoing personality until eventually she was diagnosed with hearing loss and decided to get hearing aids. I was so thankful for her to be able to connect with all of us again that I decided I wanted to help other people and their families and friends that are going through the same thing. Even though Gram is no longer with us, I can honor her by paying it forward, which has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life and I have had the pleasure of doing so since 2003.”

"From the first time I met Dr. Woods, I knew I had finally found somebody who understood what I was going through."

- John, client    

Cameron Mills, Hearing Instrument Specialist


“I started out working with our patients in an administrative role in 2014. I realized the rewards of helping people hear better, so I decided to go back to school and to train with Dr. Woods to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist. I was a Boy Scout in my teen years and always enjoyed the service aspect of scouting.  This really has brought me back to serving the community in a way that is meaningful.  I look forward to seeing our patients every day.” Cameron is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and is certified by the International Hearing Society and is licensed by the State of New Hampshire.