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Hearing Aids and Repairs 

Hearing aids technology has come a long way. We look forward to helping you make life sound better.

Today’s hearing aids are improving the quality of peoples’ lives not only because they are set to your individual specific needs, so you have access to clear speech and all meaningful sounds, but they also offer Bluetooth compatibility and rechargeability to make connecting with people even easier. When you decide to move forward with hearing aids to improve your ability to have conversations in all the different types of situations you are in, you will also improve relationships, you will have less fatigue, and most importantly you will be taking care of your brain health.

Dr. Woods has been bringing hearing care to residents of New Hampshire since 2003.  She specializes in diagnostic testing and treatment for both adults and children, including testing and treatment for tinnitus, sudden hearing loss and early intervention.


- John, a patient, 2021

"It was life changing, really life changing. I could finally hear."

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