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Hearing Evaluations 

A hearing evaluation can be the first step to making your life sound better. Let us help you at either our Nashua or Londonderry location.

When you come in for your hearing evaluation, you can expect to experience a family environment with all the staff. Nikki or Lori will greet you, take your information and get you prepared for your visit. The hearing evaluation is an easy process but provides vital information regarding your hearing health. We will look in your ears with a video otoscope to make sure there is no wax blockage, you will be able to see it as well. Next, you will listen for tones and speech. Once we have the results of the evaluation, we will discuss next steps to improve your hearing to allow you to connect effortlessly to all the important people in your life.

Dr. Woods has been bringing hearing care to residents of New Hampshire since 2003.  She specializes in diagnostic testing and treatment for both adults and children, including testing and treatment for tinnitus, sudden hearing loss and early intervention.

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