Hearing Loss 

Hearing Loss


Hearing loss is usually noticed first by family and loved ones. The person that has hearing loss is often the last to know it because they do not know what they should be hearing. This is similar to when a child has vision loss, when they get glasses, they often say “I can see the leaves on the trees!” They did not know that they were supposed to see the leaves. On the other hand, your friends and family are the ones that know they need to get your attention, face you, talk louder, and repeat themselves. They also know when you respond off topic.

We are here to help you hear effortlessly giving you a chance to fully enjoy conversations with ease!​


"I tried hearing aids on for the first time, and I was amazed and excited. I don't need to turn up the TV and radio anymore!" - John, client    

Common Signs of Hearing Loss:
  • Family and friends are telling you that you are having difficulties hearing them

  • Feeling like you need to concentrate and pay close attention in order to hear properly

  • People seem to mumble

  • Difficulties hearing in groups of people or in background noise

  • Difficulties hearing at a distance or from another room