Thank You!

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with Dr. Woods Hearing Center! To save time during your visit, please fill out your information before you arrive. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Jessica Woods examining inside a patient's ear

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you come in for your first hearing appointment, you can expect to experience a family environment. Our front office staff will greet you, take your information, and help you prepare for your visit.

Number one

We will begin by going over your paperwork and asking you some questions about your health, medical history, and family history.

Number two

Then we will perform an ear exam by looking inside your ears with an otoscope. If you have an accumulation of earwax that is affecting your hearing, we can safely remove that.

Number three

The hearing test will be quick and painless. We will assess your ability to hear different sounds at various frequencies.

Number four

After the hearing test we will go over your results and recommend management options if a hearing loss is present.

Nashua Office

We are located at 547 Amherst St. in Suite 204. We are 5 minutes from Rt. 3.

Front of Dr. Woods Hearing Center building in Nashua, NH

Londonderry Office

We are located at 50 Nashua Rd. in Suite 200A. It is best to park and enter in the back of the building.

Front of Dr. Woods Hearing Center building in Londonderry, NH