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Cognitive Hearing Evaluations 

Audiology plays a key role in detecting early cognitive decline. Let us help you hear better and be better.

The slow onset of hearing loss can have a significant impact on several key brain functions, including the memory, hearing, speech and language portions of cognition. Hearing impairment is a greater risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia than other individual mid-life risks. The proactive management of modifiable risk factors such as hearing loss may delay or slow the onset or progression of the disease. Several recent studies have shown that the use of hearing aids or other rehabilitation services for hearing loss, may slow down the rapid progression of cognitive decline.

Cognivue objectively, quantitatively and reliably identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of an impairment. Cognivue is patient-centric and science-driven. It is based on adaptive psychophysics technology and over 15 years of research. Protected by over 17 patents, Cognivue's software algorithm uniquely calibrates each individual’s motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts to the patient’s performance providing a customized test specifically for each patient.

Dr. Woods has been bringing hearing care to residents of southern New Hampshire and nearby Massachusetts since 2003.  She specializes in diagnostic testing and treatment for both adults and children, including testing and treatment for tinnitus, sudden hearing loss and early intervention.

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